Management of sensitive accesses to the IS – Vichy Hospital Center

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The HC of Vichy

In a hospital center like Vichy, the computer park is quickly quite large with many servers.
Our information systems management team works under different poles:

  • Application
  • System and network
  • Maintenance and hotline

We also work with a large number of external service providers with nominative accounts in our directory.

Sensitive access to the SI of a HC

Whether it is during access by a population „at risk“ via external service providers, for access to sensitive or personal data, or access to critical equipment, a problem arose for us:

„What does a privileged user do when they log on to my IS?“

When we were looking for a provider, we wanted to implement a solution that would allow us to:

  • Check actions performed,
  • Tracking sensitive access.
  • To comply with the specific regulatory context related to our business (RGPD, Digital Hospital Plan, OSE, certification of accounts).

PROVE IT by Rubycat

By choosing Rubycat’s PROVE IT solution, we have opted for a solution that meets all our needs while being easy and flexible to install and administer.

In less than an hour we had it installed on a dedicated virtual machine.

We are fully satisfied with this implementation and we see that on a daily basis, this solution has no negative impact in terms of speed during user sessions!

Guillaume BRUN – CH de Vichy