Traceability of privileged accounts – SHV Energy

Allgemeines Industrie – Logistik - GMS

As part of our annual internal cyber security audits, we needed to strengthen the traceability of privileged accounts. We wanted to choose a solution that was certified by ANSSI and as minimally invasive as possible. The implementation of a bastion was therefore the easiest solution.

Sensitive access to the information system:

3 different types of users are likely to connect to our information system with privileged accounts: our outsourcer managing level 1 support from the North of France, our external service provider and in-house administrators present in our French office (La défense).

We had a lack of visibility on the actions carried out, knowing that the coordination of the various users is complex to manage in an international context such as ours. It was therefore difficult to know when and which person had connected. The implementation of a bastion allowed us to centralize this information, access to information easily and also be alerted in real time about actions considered as „sensitive“!

Why did you choose PROVE IT by Rubycat:

From the first presentation, we evaluated that PROVE IT met our needs and seemed really simple to set up and use.

This has been confirmed when it was tested in our environment. At a glance, we can now monitor easily all the administration actions carried out on our information system from a single solution that is transparent for users, knowing that it is very easy to administer on a daily basis.

We are totally satisfied.

Vincent FRANCHI – SHV ENERGY Supply & Risk Management